About Us

Our Motivation

DAG Games neon signs used in Infinity Wargame at Bearded Browncoat in Ocala, Florida.

We enjoy playing games with family and friends.

Our father instilled in us the love of games, we were going to gaming conferences before we could walk and talk. And while we recognize the brilliance in other's game play (because we love to play them ourselves), we thought it was time we start contributing to the world of gaming.

Our Mission

DAG Games logo, game design and publication, wargame terrain and accessories.

To create games for a happy life.

We strive to create games with innovative play, enticing graphics, and appeal to young and old, novice and expert, to provide games for memorable game nights with family and friends.

Our Products


Games & Accessories

We have started with wargame terrain, because we have always liked to enhance our own play experience. As we build our designs, we are also continuing to playtest our own game ideas from many genres. We believe each game deserves our complete attention before we jump to the next, so in the beginning we will be releasing very few every year, but as we develop and the team grows, be sure to stay on the look out for the aces up our sleeves.

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Our Team

Matt D. Gorman | Ringleader

Matt D. Gorman, Ringleader and CEO of DAG Games

The original task master, trying to keep everyone in line, Matt is the founder and lead game developer striving for innovation in game play.

Amy K. Carlson | Mastermind

Amy K. Carlson, Mastermind and Chief Design Officer at DAG Games.

AKA "The Percolator" she is cunningly calculating the next project, Amy is a game developer and lead art director.

Stephanie Crabtree | Monster Wrangler

Stephanie Carbtree, Monster Wrangler and Illustrator at DAG Games.

Managing monsters and creating creatures, Stephanie is the lead illustrator bringing the imaginary to reality.

Mark Crabtree | Regulator

Mark Crabtree, Regulator and Senior Game Designer at DAG Games

Structuring pandemonium and mandating rules, Mark is the lead game designer creating order out of chaos.